Follow Formula One on your Android phone


  • Bite-sized summaries of latest F1 news
  • Maps and course details of every track
  • Current standings and race results archive


  • No live race console
  • Graphically bland


F1Android delivers all the latest Formula 1 news and race information to your Android phone.

The free application offers an up-to-date news feed from F1 site Crash.net. You can read a summary of the story within the app, then click through to view the full story in your phone's browser if it's something that interests you.

Besides just offering news about Formula 1, F1Android also provides lots of information about the race schedule and current standings. The Races section gives you information about all the circuits for the 2010 season, including a map of each and distance information. The Standings area brings you up-to-date rankings in both the drivers' and constructors' championships.

If you're a real Formula 1 nerd then you should definitely check out the More category in F1Android. Here, you can view archives of past races throughout the years, view rule changes for the current season and peruse the list of all the current teams and drivers. There's even a Twitter section, featuring a feed of some of the prominent tweeters within the F1 world.

On the downside, F1Android lacks much in the way of in-race coverage. It would be nice if there was a timer feature that posted live information about races while they're in progress. I also felt F1Android came up short in terms of graphics too and you won't find many driver or car images within the app (perhaps because of the strict licensing laws covering Formula 1).

Overall though, F1Android offers a good way to keep in touch with the latest developments, and it has enough stats to keep F1 geeks amused for hours.




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